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Manage your expectations, and you can’t be disappointed. Most of us will have heard this or a similar line at some point, and it’s true. Life becomes a lot easier when your expectations of life in general aren’t too high, when others don’t expect too much from you, and when you don’t expect too much from yourself or others either. But that surely is easier said than done!

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BETTINA PICKERINGLeadership Coaching
Bettina Pickering is an transformative leadership coach, entrepreneur mentor, business transformation and change consultant, author and speaker.
DR. CHARUNI SENANYAKEAccredited Master Coach & Mentor
Charuni Senanayake is the Director of IAMCasia, Founder Silveryskys and an Accredited Master Coach & Mentor.
CURLY MARTINPioneering Life Coach
As one of the pioneers of life coaching in Europe, Curly has written ‘The Business Coaching Handbook‘ and ‘The Personal Success Handbook‘ which complete this coaching handbook series.

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