Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Soul Searching can be a powerful process and bring you lots of inspiration to create a happier, fulfilling and more rewarding life for yourself. Realising that the key to happiness can be found within ourselves is very comforting.

Yet, Soul Searching can be pretty scary too. What if it reveals some truths that we really don’t want to hear? What if it brings more questions than answers? What if we come to realise that we have been doing things wrong all our lives?

In the Soul Searching issue of Amarantine, Charuni Senanayake explains why this shouldn’t scare you off in her article “Soul Searching helps you to live your best life… don’t be afraid!”

Soul Searching
January, 2018
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2018-06-02T12:54:46+00:00January 18th, 2018|Dr. Charuni Senanyake, Issue 2 - Soul Searching|

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