Awaken and Empower your “Sixth Sense”

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Awaken and Empower your “Sixth Sense”

When I was just a teenager, I developed a deep crush on – what I thought was – the most handsome and most intriguing young man in the world. He drove a fancy car in a nice colour that first captured my eye as he parked his car in my neighbourhood to run some errands. And when he got out of that car, he looked tall and lean and suntanned and simply stunning. Once he started walking, his moves were mesmerising. It struck me like lightening: I was instantly and totally in love.

I watched the guy as he did his shopping, from a safe distance of course, eager to find out more about him. And absolutely everything about his grocery shopping seemed really interesting. Did he shop for one? Was he single? What did he fancy? And what did that tell me about him? Could I find any answers about who he was amongst the content of his shopping cart? Totally unaware of me and my crush, he just went about his business, got back to his car and eventually drove off, without ever noticing me. But boy, did I notice him!

After that day, he became the centre of my thoughts and I couldn’t stop daydreaming about him. I wanted to get to know him, and of course, I wanted him to notice me to. I had no clue on how to achieve this (this was well before social media, mind you), but all I could think off was how we would meet again someday, how I could “accidentally” bump into him, and what clever yet sexy thing I would then say to capture his attention.

And surely enough, although I had never seen the guy before that day, I started to spot him anywhere and everywhere. His car seemed to turn around every corner, his jacket must have been the top selling item of that season, and why looked all man so much like him from a far? He was everywhere! But actually… of course he wasn’t. What had really happened here, is that I had developed my “sixth sense” by making him the centre of my world. And that sixth sense was raising my awareness to all things even remotely related to him.

And eventually, after months of day dreaming, this sixth sense (and a lot of courage) did put me in contact with him. Unfortunately, he turned out to be way too old, totally not interested, and actually a bit of a jerk really 😉 But that wasn’t the point that I was trying to make.

The point that I do want to make, is that your sixth sense can help you a make your dreams become reality. And the good news is that this sixth sense is already inside each of us! Do you want to learn more about how to tap into your own sixth sense and awaken and empower it, then read Eugene N. Nwosu’s article in this month’s issue of Amarantine!

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