Eugene N. Nwosu

//Eugene N. Nwosu

Grateful Husband, Father of 3, foster Parent & Guardian to great kids, inspirational Author, holistic Coach & Mentor, and Entrepreneur.

Eugene N. Nwosu is a human resource and learning and development professional who is also an entrepreneur. His interest in helping people and organisations lead effective, successful, and balanced lives led to his roles as a leadership success coach and executive life and business coach and mentor.

Nwosu is the author of the bestseller Cut Your Own Firewood: The Ultimate Power to Succeed, now in its second printing.

In 2000, he released the audio cassette program The Ultimate Power to Succeed in the 21st Century, which focuses on both personal happiness and entrepreneurial success.

He is also the author of Optimal Edge: Unlocking and Enhancing Leadership Potential and Excellence in People and Organisations.

Sixth Sense: Awakened and Empowered Subconscious mind

2018-06-02T12:57:48+00:00December 28th, 2017|Eugene N. Nwosu, Issue 1 - Optional?, Recommended Reading|

by Eugene N. Nwosu The world is simpler than it seems. Everything that happens occurs because of cause and effect. Eliminate the cause of relationship problems, poverty, health issues, [...]

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