Steve Rogers

//Steve Rogers

I work with committed and hands on leaders and managers. They work in performance and people focused organisations. I assist them to put the right people in the right jobs.

I’ve delivered feedback to at least 2000 people by analysing their CVs and/or assessments. worked with at least 100 clients in sub Saharan Africa and the UK to improve performance. trained at least 1000 people in people related workshops. completed at least 300 job analyses to define the KPIs and behavioural requirements for jobs from Receptionist to Metal Accountant to Dog Handler to CEO. designed a capability and performance correlation model for individuals, teams, divisions or organisations. developed a recruitment process that provides clients with a clear understanding of candidates to significantly enhance the chances of hiring the right people After graduating from Wits with a BA and UNISA with a BCom Honours (Ind. Psych.), I spent 4 invaluable years overseas gaining work experience in the UK and Europe.

In my career of 27 years I’ve had the opportunities to work in a wide variety of industries including mining, petrochemicals, manufacturing, automotive, engineering, property, travel, marketing, logistics, financial services, conferencing, retail, data management, gifting, office automation and many other sectors.

Besides South Africa, I’ve worked and consulted in the UK and many sub-Saharan countries from Namibia to the DRC.

I started Right People Right Job in 2008. I’ve worked with successful companies such as Johnson Matthey, the Co-Operative Bank and Sir Alexander Gibb in the UK, Discovery, Anaprop, Engen, Iritron, Lonmin, Gallimaufry Group, PropertyPoint, Rentokil, Minova, SOS Children’s Villages, WesBank, Ramsay Engineering and the NTI in SA, Off Grid Electric in Tanzania, VPB in Botswana, NDTC, Bidvest and Debmarine in Namibia and Rhône-Poulenc in Kenya.

My aim is to build long-term relationships with clients to measurably improve capability and performance.

Do you find it difficult to say “No!”?

2018-06-02T12:48:05+00:00April 13th, 2018|Alyson Daley, Barbara J. Cormack, Bettina Pickering, Dr. Charuni Senanyake, Issue 3 - NO!, Loren Schmal, Norwyn Kam, Steve Rogers|

Do you find it difficult to say “No!”? You aren’t the only one! But here’s some good news: Issue 3 of Amarantine Magazine is filled with information, inspiration, tips [...]

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