Does everything happen for a reason?

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Does everything happen for a reason?

Many believe that things happen for a reason. They may happen to teach you something, to prevent you from something, to guide you on your path, etc. Often, the expression is used when life isn’t perfect, and the words are intended to provide some comfort and reassurance to the receiver.

And in some cases, that really works. When you lose your job, you can think about the possibilities that this opens up for new career steps. When you lose a bad relationship, you can focus on how that will free you up to engage in more meaningful relationships. When you can’t get the house you set your heart on, you can think about how a better place may still be out there, waiting for you to find it.

But what if life becomes a real tragedy. You get seriously ill, or you lose a loved one? Do these things happen for a reason too? And if so, what on earth could be reason enough to have to suffer through such hard life events?

Bettina Pickering shares her very personal experiences and inspiring views in this editions’ featured article of Amarantine Magazine!

Soul Searching
January, 2018
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