Sixth Sense: Awakened and Empowered Subconscious mind

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Sixth Sense: Awakened and Empowered Subconscious mind

by Eugene N. Nwosu

The world is simpler than it seems. Everything that happens occurs because of cause and effect. Eliminate the cause of relationship problems, poverty, health issues, and disharmony—and you change the effect.

Too often, though, we look for external causes, when the true cause lies within our own all-powerful and divine subconscious minds. The universe is made up of interconnected energy—and what are our thoughts if not pure energy? Change the workings of your inner mind, and you can quite literally change your life.

In Sixth Sense, noted holistic success coach Eugene N. Nwosu provides a set of deceptively simple tools designed to help you “rewire” your subconscious mind, change your life, and acquire the enlightenment and wisdom vital for true balance, equilibrium, and success. Nwosu’ s practical affirmations help harness the mind’s ability to operate in harmony with the unchanging rules of the infinite, divine universe.

Simpler and easier to incorporate into everyday life than The Secret and its complexities, Sixth Sensefrees you from the limitations of entrenched thought patterns, creating instead full engagement in your passions and dreams. Once properly aligned with the universe, you will succeed—all the time.

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First published by:
Eugene N. Nwosu
July, 2017

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